Hommage à Frank Cox

„Hommage à Frank Cox“ is the seventh in a series of tributes to famous artistic and literary personalities.The previous hommages were dedicated to György Kurtág, Mark André, Daniel Libeskind, Theodor W. Adorno, Thomas Pynchon, and Steven Kazuo Takasugi. Frank Cox, American composer, cellist and author, is a close personal friend and long-time colleague of mine. His „triple threat“ of talents inspired me to compose a trio for three instruments that seem to suit his three specialties. The electric guitar represents the performer, the piano takes the part of the composer in search of musical structure and the vibraphone serves the function of a typewriter. Following a specific dramaturgie, each player performs his part independently of the others, interrupted only by two cadenzas and ending in a „finale“ in the form of a metrically coordinated score. The electric guitar, frequently playing in shifting quarter-tone pitches, serves as a mediator between the twelve-tone piano and the quarter-tone vibraphone. For the first time in my composing career, I have used mathematical curves to generate the pitch changes and tonal shifts. This was made possible by using the program „Open Music.“